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Presenter Information

  • Those giving oral presentations do NOT prepare posters.

  • Prepare your PowerPoint presentation in a 16:9 format.

  • There is no template for the slides.

  • Enlarge your information and images to use the full capacity of your slide space.

  • To make transitions smoother, prior to your session, we encourage you to upload your presentation onto the master computer, or if you need to use your own laptop, ensure it is connected to the projector.

  • If you are scheduled to talk in the first session of the day, please arrive early to upload

  • Sit at the front of the room during your session

  • 15 + 5 minutes (questions) for Oral presentation speakers.

  • Session Chairs will have an additional 10 minutes to give a session overview.

  • Download the following software ahead of time to use the pointer  (instructions)


As we have a full agenda, we thank you in advance for keeping to the program schedule; your adherence to start and end times is very much appreciated.  Session co-chairs will be on hand to keep everyone within the time allotted. It is important that you review the Program for the exact day and time of your session.

  • You will have only 3-minutes and 2 slides (no exceptions) to introduce the topic of your work, state the purpose of your study, highlight key results, and finally provide a take-home message/ conclusion or two. 

  • There will NOT be a question period. 

  • Please sit at the front of the room during your session

  • The evening you are assigned the flash presentation will also be the evening you will be expected to stand by your poster to further discuss your work.  

  • Prepare your PowerPoint presentation for a 16:9 ratio screen.

  • There is no template for the slides.

  • Save your PowerPoint file as: Poster number - followed by last name (e.g. Flash Poster 27Smith)

  • Indicate the following on your slide presentation:

    • Slide 1 & 2 - poster number (top left) so people can find it afterwards for discussion

    • Slide 1  - poster title

    • Slide 1  - authors - bold and underline your name only as presenter

    • DO NOT put any institutional affiliations (to save space)

  • Please send your slides to our volunteer Marcos Cruz ( by October 15th.

  • Use your file name as the subject line: (e.g. Flash Poster 27Smith).

  • Download the following software ahead of time to use the pointer

IMPORTANT - Posters ARE ALSO required in addition to your Flash Orals. 
Please have printed and bring to the conference with you.

  • Put up your one printed poster after lunch on Monday in the poster room.

  • Poster boards are A0 format (841 × 1189 mm) or (33.1 × 46.8 inches) and are double sided.

  • Your poster should be in portrait format.

  • Embed a portrait photo of the presenter somewhere near the top of the printed poster.

  • While all posters are up for the complete conference, you have been assigned a specific evening where you should be found at your poster for questions (see 2023 Program).

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