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Tribute and Video Presentations
Dr. Arthur Veis
Arthur Veis was an exceptionally gifted and highly influential scientist whose prominence as an educator and a visionary leader in the field of biomineralization influenced many others during and beyond their formative years. His mentorship led to many successful careers, and his advice on various matters was constantly sought by countless colleagues, students and friends. Professor Veis immersed himself in the study and understanding of mineralized tissues, and his contributions to the field are enormous.  
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Dec 23, 1925 - Apr 23, 2023
Arthur Veis was the founding father of the ICCBMT international conference series, of which he became president of its Board of Trustees. The first meeting was held in 1981 in Chicago with the support of co-founders Professor William Butler and Professor Melvin Glimcher, also giants in the field of biomineralization, and the conference series was initiated. This meeting series, dedicated to the understanding of the chemistry and biology of mineralized tissues, has continued regularly at North American and European venues every 3-4 years since that time.  

As envisioned, formulated and implemented by Professor Veis, the ICCBMT meeting series facilitates discussion and collaborations among scientists worldwide, cutting across multiple disciplines related to mineralization. The meeting also provides extensive networking and mentoring to junior scientists and students in the field. With the generosity of Dr. Veis, the leadership of ICCBMT has established an endowed lectureship in the name of Professor Arthur Veis and his wife, Mrs. Eve Veis.  
14th ICCBMT Conference | 2023
Oosterbeek, Gelderland, The Netherlands
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Arthur Veis, an educator and visionary leader in calcified tissues and beyond
Presentation by Anne George
University of Illinois, Chicago, IL, USA
Arthur Veis, patriarch of an extensive science family
Presentation by Deborah Veis
Washington University School of Medicine,
St. Louis, USA
Art Veis: my friend, my mentor and my scientific colleague

Talk by Stephen Weiner (presented by S. Stock)
Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
Art Veis: the mentor and pioneer on the trail of phosphates and their kinases

Presentation by Charles Sfeir
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA
The hard thing about sea urchin teeth:
Arthur Veis, proteins and minerals

Presentation by Stuart Stock
Northwestern University, Chicago, USA
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