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  14th ICCBMT Conference - The Netherlands                                      October 22-27, 2023

Trainees are eligible for Travel Awards

“Zero Tolerance” Policy


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Here you will find relevant and fun information about our past meetings, and developing information about our next meeting.

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About Us


The ICCBMT, which has been held every three years since 1981, is one of the most important scientific gatherings in the field of biomineralization.  The meeting emphasizes a wealth of physicochemical, biological and clinical topics concerning mineralization processes in vertebrate and invertebrate species.

These include, but are not limited to: cell and molecular biology of mineralized tissue/structure formation, hormone and cytokine regulation of mineralized tissues, signaling pathways, structure and function of extracellular components of mineralized tissues, model systems of biomineralization, disorders and pathology of mineralized tissues and development of therapeutic approaches, and, new technologies for studying crystal structure and formation.


Dr. Arthur Veis 

It is with heavy heart and a great sadness that I inform you that our dear Dr. Arthur Veis passed on April 23, 2023, at age 97. He was one of the founders of ICCBMT. He was an incredible scientist, a remarkable human being, and an invaluable role model.   With his exceptional talent,  he influenced many scientific careers in this community.

Obituary - Dr. Arthur Veis   

View the tribute published online in Connective Tissue Research  

A tribute to Doctor Arthur Veis'


Board of Directors

The ICCBMT Board of Directors welcomes
Dr. Eve Donnelly and Dr. Dobrawa Napierala as new Memb
ers-at-Large, and Dr. William Landis assuming the position of Treasurer. 
At the same time, we thank Dr. Jeffrey Gorski for his years of service as a Board Member and as ICCBMT Treasurer.   

The ICCBMT Conference
Series aims to . . . 

  • Inclusively assemble a diverse, international multidisciplinary group of scientists from all career stages that share a common interest in biomineralization.
  • Disseminate state-of-the-art information about the structure, function, and interactions of mineral, matrix and cellular components in mineralized tissues.
  • Provide a forum that strongly encourages collaborations among investigators across diverse scientific disciplines.
  • Support participation of early-stage scientists, including students and postdoctoral fellows, by providing numerous Travel Awards.  
  • Disseminate the knowledge and ideas in a published proceedings in a peer-reviewed journal, thus broadening access of important findings.

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