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13th International Conference on the Chemistry and Biology of Mineralized Tissues

Montebello, Quebec, Canada

Registration and hotel/meal plan package general information

Deadline May 15, 2019


In the spirit of bringing together conference participants in a secluded, scientifically stimulating and socially interactive environment for 4 days (5 nights), all conference participants are expected to attend the full conference period and stay onsite with the combined hotel room/meal plan package (Sunday night Oct. 20 to Friday morning Oct. 25, 2019).


We are pleased to announce that because of successful fundraising for the conference, we were able to set the registration fee at only US$275, and you will be able to make your payment online with a registration deadline of May 15, 2019.


In addition to the low registration fee, we have negotiated in our conference package an exceptionally good nightly room rate of approximately US$160 per night (all taxes included) for this historic, 4-star resort hotel.  Partial stays are discouraged, and partial reservations will not be accepted (i.e. the full amount will be charged).  Consider also that a substantial number of ~US$1,000 Travel Awards for trainees are historically allocated to offset the cost of attending this meeting.


At the same time you make your online registration, you will be able to make your online reservation for the combined full 5-day hotel room/meal plan at Fairmont le Chateau Montebello (no payment required, credit card secured). The flat fee (single fee) for the room/meal plan package is CAN$1,247 for double occupancy, and CAN$1,780 for single occupancy, and this includes the Thursday night banquet dinner.

Please enter below your conference registration information and payment of US$275, and then use the link at the bottom of this page to make your hotel room/meal package reservation, both by the deadline of May 15, 2019.

Personal Information


I hereby authorize ICCBMT:

  • to publish the above personal information as part of a list in the proceedings, to facilitate communication amongst attendees

  • to publish photographs of myself taken during the Conference for use on ICCBMT’s website

Role (indicate all that apply):

Principal independent investigator



Other health professional

Postdoctoral fellow*

Clinical fellow / resident*

Graduate student (MSc or PhD)*

Undergraduate student*

Medical or dental student*

Research staff

Industry representative

Patient organization



* If you are in an asterisked category above, indicate supervisor's name

If you require an invitation letter for your travels (e.g. travel visa), please indicate here


Hotel Occupancy

Arrival Date - if other than Oct. 20  

Departure Date - if other than Oct. 25

1.  Please indicate if you will be arriving or leaving on days other than the expected Sunday Oct. 20 arrival date   

     (Welcome reception that evening) and the Friday Oct. 25 departure date.



2.  Please indicate if you will be reserving a room with single occupancy (full rate) or double occupancy (2 beds, reduced rate)

For those who have chosen single occupancy, when you choose your room type from the link at the end of this page, please select only from the room options that indicate that there is ONE bed in the room (we need the rooms with two beds for double-occupancy attendees, these often being trainees).  Please proceed directly to Registration Payment below, and then reserve your room/meal plan using the hotel link below.


If you have chosen single occupancy but will be having nonconference-attending guests in your room, please indicate that additional number here.

For those who have chosen double occupancy, please complete the following, and proceed to Registration Payment below, and then reserve your room/meal plan using the hotel link below.

3.  If you know with whom you will be sharing the room (and have confirmed this with them), please enter their name here.


4.  If you don't have a roommate and would like us to assist you in finding one for double occupancy, please enter the

     following information.


Additional comments 

Registration Payment (USD)
- charged on credit card Processed through Stripe (SSL Secure Payment)


Your registration has been submitted

An error has occurred, or an entry field is missing, please check above

You will automatically be emailed two receipts immediately upon successful payment. 
In addition we have arranged for a 3rd receipt to be sent within five business days - this final receipt will be more detailed.


IMPORTANT NOTE - At the moment (May 15), our block of hotel rooms has been filled.  The hotel is attempting to assemble some additional rooms for us.  More information will be sent directly by email to those who register (or have registered after we reached full capacity).  Questions pertaining to this should be directed to


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