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Presenter Information

Oral presenters
Those giving oral presentations do not prepare posters.  We are using a 16:9 ratio screen and an advanced projection system, so we ask you to prepare your PowerPoint presentations in this newer 16:9 format to maximize visibility to the audience, rather than the smaller 4:3 format of the past, and please enlarge your information and images to use the full capacity of your slide space.  While you may use your own laptop for your presentation, to make the transitions smoother, we do indeed encourage you to upload your presentation onto the master computer prior to your session. Keynote session speakers have 25 + 5 minutes (questions), and regular oral presentation speakers have 15 +5 minutes (questions).


Poster presenters.
The poster size is 122 cm x 122 cm (4 ft x 4 ft) square with 2 posters per side of the poster board, so oversized posters will encroach upon your neighbor's poster; thus, please use exactly these dimensions. The poster board attachment mode is Velcro adhesive tabs, or pushpins can also be used (we will provide both of these).  For easily finding you in the crowd, please embed a portrait photo of the presenter somewhere near the top of the poster.  While all posters are up for the whole conference, you have been assigned a specific evening where you should be found at your poster for questions (see program).


Flash poster presenters
For those giving Flash Poster Presentations, please remember you have only 3-minutes and 2 slides to introduce the topic of your work, state the purpose of your study, highlight key results, and finally provide a take-home message/conclusion or two.  There will NOT be a question period (that is for the poster session proper).  On your first slide, please indicate your poster number so people can come to it afterwards for questions/discussion, your poster title, and the list of co-authors (bold and underline your name only as presenter).  To save space on the first slide, do NOT put any institutional affiliations.  We will be asking you to send your two slides in the week or so prior to the meeting, but with last-minute changes being possible onsite.  Note: Posters ARE ALSO required in addition to your Flash Orals.  Please have printed and bring to the conference with you.


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