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13th International Conference on the Chemistry and Biology of Mineralized Tissues

Montebello, Quebec, Canada

Abstract Form and Instructions

Deadline for abstract submission is March 8, 2019

In the spirit of bringing together conference participants in a secluded, scientifically stimulating and socially interactive environment for 4 days, all conference participants are expected to attend the full conference period.  We will be accepting only a flat fee (a single fee) for all registrations, and a flat fee for the intentionally combined hotel room/meal plan.

Presentation Preference


Some of the presentations (whether oral or poster) will be selected at the conference for publication as a regular article in a special issue of the Journal of Structural Biology. Once the paper has been reviewed and accepted for publication, it will immediately appear online.

Would you like your contribution to be considered for submission as a paper to JSB?

Abstract Title

Enter title with only the first letter of the title capitalized - maximum of 150 characters (with spaces).

Abstract Authors/Affiliations

Affiliations and the body of the abstract, must be entered into the box below.  Add names of authors, and institutional affiliation as shown in the example below. Mark presenting author with an asterisk*.

Abstract Body

Abstract subheadings must be in capitalized letters (INTRODUCTION, PURPOSE, APPROACHES or METHODS, RESULTS, and CONCLUSIONS).  No figures/tables are allowed. Maximum of 3,000 characters (with spaces).


Travel Awards for Student & Postdoctoral/Clinical Fellow Presenters     

This section to be completed by student and postdoctoral/clinical fellow presenters only  (i.e. the asterisked name in the abstract)

Student and post-doctoral/clinical fellow presenters will be considered for a Travel Award to help defray the cost of the meeting.

If you are in this category of presenters, do you wish to be considered for this Travel Award?

If "Yes", a SIGNED LETTER from your supervisor or department head must be uploaded here

or sent soon thereafter (at the latest by March 15, 2019)
by email to Cathy Ferrie verifying your student or postdoctoral/clinical fellow status (not a recommendation letter, simply a statement attesting to status).


The document filename, whether uploaded or sent by email, must be the Last name (surname) of the presenting author.
Email subject line must state:  Travel Award ICCBMT

A requirement for receiving a Travel Award is that the recipient must attend the full conference period.


Upload file

________________________________________________________________________Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The ICCBMT conferences adhere to the principles of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) for its participants.

Following requests from some of our funding sponsors, and to allocate more effectively our Travel Awards and Diversity Travel Awards, we need the following information on geographic location, visible minority status, diversity, and other factors.

Do you identify yourself as being a visible minority?


Are you a permanent resident or citizen of

________________________________________________________________________Diversity Travel Awards

Available to enhance the participation of individuals with disabilities and individuals from racial and ethnic groups that are underrepresented in the sciences.  For the latter, in the United States, the following terms are used for this: Black or African American, Hispanic or Latinx, American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander.

In Canada, Diversity Travel Awards will be available for the following underrepresented groups: Women, Indigenous people, Visible minorities, Persons with disabilities, Ethnic minorities, and Sexual orientation and gender identity minorities. 

I wish to be considered for a Diversity Travel Award as I self-identify with such an

underrepresented category, or another category that I feel may be similar.

A requirement for receiving a Diversity Travel Award is that the recipient must attend the full conference period.

Please click on the submit button to submit your abstract submission


Thank you for submitting an Abstract - formal acknowledgement of receipt will be sent by email within 5 working days.  If you do not receive a confirmation email within this time period, or you have any questions or trouble with this form, please contact our administrator, Cathy Ferrie.

Note: Selection of oral and poster presentations will be made primarily on the basis of a scoring review by the Scientific Advisory Board members. 

An error has occurred, or an entry field is missing, please check above

Your abstract has been submitted

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